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Knowledge Management

Services include:

  • Development of cluster, agency, and programme-specific knowledge management systems

  • Applying field-based information gathering and analysis

  • Cluster coordination

Recent project examples include:

  • Syria Response Office - Information Management Concept (NRC, 2015)

  • Information Management Unit Strategy for the Assistance Coordination Unit of the Syrian Opposition (European Commission, 2013)

  • Management of Assessment Working Group for Northern Syria (2013)

  • Information management and SOP Development in the Democratic Republic of Congo (UNHCR, 2008)

  • Management of Information Clearinghouse for EQ-affected area under the PM Secretariat in Pakistan, Preparation of Disaster Preparedness Plans (UNHCR, CIDA, SDC, IASCI, 2007)

  • Management of Inter-Cluster Information Management Working Group following the 2007 Cyclone in Pakistan (UNDP, IASCI, 2007)

  • Co-ordination of the Kosovo Source Information Project, management of field structure in Kosovo, case-specific information request processing for EU member states (UNMIK/IOM, IASCI 2006)